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Ryan ankle sprain; already running in pool

Ergo Proxy

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We need more guys like Ryan, Julio, and Grady. Guys that are ultra competitive and will do anything to win.

Also, I want someone on our offensive line who is an enforcer. Every week I see guys protecting their key guys on offense. They hit Prescott late last night and the entire Cowboys team was ready to fight. Ryan gets hurt and Freeman gets thrown by Donald and our offensive line is nowhere to be found.

Lastly, why do we keep putting Wes out there? Dude is trash and is a liability.

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4 hours ago, Sell The Team, Art said:

Matt's never been the GOAT.  That being said, he has always been one tough SOB.  I knew that before he ever was a Falcon.

This hit did not hurt him:

The fact that he even remembered his name after that hit says all you need to know about how tough he is...

 Geez, Rubber band/ barb wire

Thanks for sharing...

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6 hours ago, vel said:

That's my dawg. I love Matt. I know people have mixed feelings on him, but at the bare minimum he's a competitor. In a lost season, he could easily pack it up and take this game off with the bye week coming up but he's looking to play. 

I don't get the hate for this man. 

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In a thread about Ryan’s toughness people still have to knock him as a top QB. Smh. EVERY SINGLE STATISTIC PROVES YOU ARE FLAT OUT WRONG. Yes I’m yelling. JFC. I’ll never forgive Shanahan for one play that kept Ryan from being “elite” whatever the **** that means 

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