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A fleeting dance with father time


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Another Falcon era is coming to a close.  Those with heart, such as Freeman, went down swinging.  With almost no help from his brothers, Freeman allegorically threw the last parting shots of the most recent version of the Falcons.  He was then escorted alone into the tunnel as the game floated on hopelessly like debris from a broken ship.  All of these men know what they were capable of.  Three years ago seems like yesterday, but yesterday is gone.  Such is life.  

Arthur Blank will go on banging skanks until he is ready to take a hard look at the crumbling pantheon that is the 2019 Atlanta Falcons.  He walks among shells of a former great team, those shells being crushed into sand---and upon these sands crashes down the surf of tomorrow.  From the surf a new Falcons team will rise in 2020.  New faces, new ideas, new hopes.  The birth and death of a contender.  Out of the ground, into the sky, out of the sky, and into the dirt.



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This regime is over.

Time to tear down the whole infrastructure and hit the reset button.

Fire quinn

Fire td

Fire rich mckay.

Keep the offensive intact and hire a creative offensive mind as head coach.

Gut the defense. Rebuild the defense through the draft.

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Freeman, Freeman sucks. I blame him largely for the Superbowl loss. Strip sack no block that changed the game. He then got paid handsomely and has done absolutely nothing since. Players like him are what's largely wrong with this team. "I got mine" now I'm going through the motions just to keep it. The Falcons are better without him.

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