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Never trust a hot take

Ergo Proxy

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Max and Stephen A. are clueless when it comes to football. Stephen A . is better when he's talking about basketball and Max is better when he's talking about boxing.Cowherd is clueless too, but his schtick is more analytics and product assessment (is it fun to watch).

The best analytics guys are actually on YouTube, honestly. Brett Kollman, Samuel Gold, etc.. I think Strong Opinion Sports is another guy that is fairly knowledgeable and gives realistic hot takes.

ESPN and FSN are absolute garbage if you're looking for analysis, they're just talk shows. They exist for ratings/clicks not accurate information.

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2 hours ago, ⚡Slumerican⚡ said:

Alot of credit has to go to Sean Payton, look what hes done with injuries.. Brees out not problem.. Kamara out, no problem.. Wr'ers out, he plays to the next man up strengths.. I honestly believe Payton could even make Ryan a good qb in the NFL :shrug:

Know what else helps out?  A defense.

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