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POLL-What Has Been Our Worst Loss This Season-Through Week 7?


POLL-What Has Been Our Worst Loss This Season-Through Week 7?  

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  1. 1. What Has Been Our Worst Loss This Season-Through Week 7?

    • at Minnesota - 28-12 - early blocked punt, great Dalvin Cook day, Ryan 2 INT's, Freeman fumble
    • at Indianapolis - 27-24 - Jacoby Brissett better than Andrew Luck, no 1st half offense, Neal lost for season, 16 penalties-128 penalty yards
    • Tennessee - 24-10 - Marcus Mariota survives being benched with show against us, Ryan 397 yards but no TD's, Derrick Henry usual game
    • at Houston - 53-32 - destroyed by Deshaun Watson 5 TD's perfect rating, our offense good but irrelevant
    • at Arizona - 34-33 - great offensive day from Ryan overwhelmed by terrible defense, possibly 3 bad referee calls?, Bryant misses potential tying XP
    • Los Angeles Rams - 37-10 - numerous TO's and sacks by Rams defense, Rams offense overwhelming, Ryan and Ito both hurt

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I will say it again that the best way to overcome the bad is to confront it.

I think we all can agree this has been a bad season overall with almost all wanting the HC to be fired at a minimum.

However, of our 6 losses now, what would be considered our most pitiful performance?  This game today was bad but was it our worst?  The Rams, of course, were also a good team last year and many expected us to lose this game even before the season started.  On the other hand, the Cardinals should have been our most likely win but it was a bad loss.

Someday we will hopefully look back at these games and laugh at them and the poor coaching, poor players, poor officiating, etc. that occurred.

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Today’s game was the most miserable of all. 

For many weeks in a row We have heard DQ’s press conferences after each loss with same manufactured DQ rah rah Bul*shi*t and today’s performance—at home no less— was the worst

in fact each week seems worst than the previous week in one facet or another    

its really pitiful to watch what DQ has molded this team into  

but DQ will be just fine after he has been fired he’s probably raked in from Arthur Blank at least —what — $10 million or more by now


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