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What kind of rebuild would you recommend?


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It's clear that we're in for some serious changes. A rebuild of this team is necessary the timing however, whether now or this off-season is up for debate. 

What I'm not sure of is how big of a rebuild we need. 

Do we need a minor rebuild? Change head coach, and maybe GM, but we have the right players to be contenders. 

Do we need a medium rebuild? In addition to coaching change, cut fringe players like Sanu, Freeman, Trufant but this is a core of a contender. 

Do we need a major rebuild? Stack as many assets as possible, keeping young studs like Jarrett, Hooper, Ridley, Deion Jones, Neal, but trade the veterans to the highest bidder like Julio, Freeman, Sanu, Ryan. 

Interested to hear the boards point of view... 

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Blow the entire thing up and use next year to scrape by and reset the cap.

It's really not worked looking back at the Quinn era as we were just lucky with what Shanahan did years ago to cover up this mess of a head coach. 

I know Ryan is not the problem but the guy isn't getting any younger and deserves a chance to go help a team that is close. Take any salary cap hits next year and stock the picks. Draft an extremely mobile QB that can survive the rough spot the NFL is in with the olinemen coming out of college. 

Go back to simple ball for a year on offense if needed. Classic RRPP offense from the Dan Reeves era if you need to with a big monster back. 3 yards and a cloud of dust with the threat of Julio on the outside. We have invested a lot in the oline and it likely is just going to take another year to settle it down but I truly think that is going to come around. A mobile QB would help. 

Re-do the entire defense. What a mess. If it can be cut and traded do it outside of Grady. I'd rather go the Miami route and trade the house by the deadline and rebuild it with young hungry players than fools on the sideline laughing when they are getting blown out by 27 points. 

I'm over this 28-3 era. 

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