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Fire TD, bring in a new GM and let their staff evaluate our team top to bottom and let them make the new hires. This team has had the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS every season since 2008, just at varying

And since 2008 this team should have won 2 super bowls.

If Dimitroff is still here and they fire Quinn it just proves Blank is incapable of learning. Dimitroff threw Smitty under the bus. He can’t do that with Quinn.  At some point “we hired the wrong

6 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

 And this goes to the Crux of the argument...... who is really the problem.


You can't oversimplify this by saying the GM is not responsible for the Xs and Os. Of course he is not, but that's no different than saying the same when it comes to the head coach and his players. It is as the OP suggested.

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1 minute ago, Fiercefalcon said:

It's pretty universally accepted that this roster is talented. Too talented for what is going on. TD certainly has some blame in it all sure. But he's built a roster that the coaching staff certainly should be getting much more out of. Is he here by season's end? I dunno. But don't act shocked if he's still around.

Agree with this.

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1 minute ago, Sell The Team, Art said:

When your GM cares more about his hair than building a team with any depth, you're screwed.

This is also why pre-season games DO matter.  It shows you how your backups do.  What's our pre-season record over the last 3 years?  There's your answer.

See......posts like this is why there should be an intelligence test to use the internet.

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Being the GM with the Falcons and Mercedes guy, might be the only thing that Saban would leave Bama for. He would have a  shorter driver to Lake Rabun.

It is obvious that Dimitroff is incapable of learning to evaluate line of scrimmage talent. Ryan has lost the arm strength that he increased after 6 years in the league. His window has closed.     

Quinn was not a true coordinator at Seattle. Pete Carroll stil ran the defense. Unfortunately, his alleged strength of defensive knowledge is limited to being a position coach.                 Realistically, our dream of championships and consistency are probably limited to Atlanta soccer.    Do we really believe that Arthur Blank really understands football with his nearly nil practical experience of the game?!?!?!?!?!

This is just a sweet “No Lose” investment.   Stocking hammers and nails is not the same!!!!

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