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Dan Quinn’s ability to concisely answer a direct question mirrored his team’s ability to play football.

Via Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com, Quinn offered a lengthy response when asked if he had lost his team during a 1-6 start.

“I understand why the question — it is a fair question, quite honestly, because you spend most of your time trying to connect and get the team to play the way we are capable of — so the answer I would say is, ‘No,’” Quinn began. “But why am I . . . the disbelief at times of not playing like we are capable of, that could be very frustrating. When you don’t do that you want to look and search and find answers, and that’s what I spend most of my time doing: what tweaks, what changes need to be changed — whether that is personnel or scheme, it’s an assistant in play-calling to apply some attention elsewhere, I’m always trying to do something that is best for the team.

“Trust me, my ego is never bigger than the team. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to help get us right.”

Quinn said he allowed some assistants to have more of a hand in defensive play-calling, but it hasn’t helped, as the Falcons have allowed more than 30 points in both games, and they have five sacks in seven games.

“First, my job is to look at the big picture and see if there’s things we can do to change that, and we actually started some of that during Arizona last week,” Quinn said. “I’m always looking to see during the game who can help on the play calling and inside of that. We’ve distributed that some in Arizona and this week as well. I’m always looking to do what’s best for the team in every situation, every time. We’ve already begun some of that. ‘How can I apply myself in other ways?’ We’ve certainly done that, too.”

Falcons owner Arthur Blank said he still supportsQuinn, but if the results don’t change soon, those personal feelings might not matter.

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Honestly, these so called professional players and coordinators we keep running out there are basically disrespecting and diminishing what small sliver of dignity and value DQ might have/need to gain employment elsewhere.   He’s doing himself or this franchise no favors by sticking around.   They quit on him weeks ago.   Move on and protect what ltl bit of your own “brand”/dignity remains and let Falcons reset for next season.    He’s a good man but this just isn't gonna work out.  I hate it but that’s the reality.  

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in hindsight...i think the hiring of this staff is a complete over-reaction to a bad hiring of Sark...rookie playcaller asked to call someone's system!! WTF!! now bring in the Koetters, Mularkeys, Suttons, etcetc...nothing creative about them at all...just vet COs...nothing distinguishable about em. shows Quinn's lack of  true vision going forward...

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1 hour ago, A Pimp Named Slickback™ said:

I mean he's in his last yr of his deal. Why trade for him, when you can just sign him in the offseason and give up nothing. It's obvious(or should be obvious) we are not going to re-sign him.

Which is exactly why we should have traded him for that 3rd last year.

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5 hours ago, Boise Falcon Fan said:

Quinn seems like a genuinely good dude! He is ultra positive, upbeat, and always cheering his guys on. I feel bad for the dude, but he is truly a dead man walking. 

My thoughts are that he would be a great college coach. If I had a big time college program, I would have him on my short list. 


Agree.  I feel bad for him too.  I kind of wish Blank would go ahead and give him the axe to get it over with.  He's like a wounded animal just suffering. Go ahead and end his misery.

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1 hour ago, me4falcons said:

Im going to have to dis agree on the talent part. We really need to reevaluate the OL its alway been leaky in crucial situation. LG, RG, and RT(He actual may get better.) and sometime LT.

Defensive we have a serious lack of talent on the back end, lb and DL.

There are holes on this D and its not even funny.

Lot of truth spoken here.   Time for folks to ignore the “hype” and look at the film.  It won’t lie.  We have scheme issues on both sides of ball but that isn’t the whole prblm.   We ARE exactly what our record says we are.   

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Held the Rams and Eagles to 13 and 15 points in the playoffs. Hold Tom Brady to 3 points for almost 3 quarters even though the Patriots dominated time of possession. Lay out the blue print on how to beat Cam Newton and the 14-0 Panthers in 2015. The D has played some good ball under Dan Quinn. I don't know what happened.

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I thought the defense played a pretty solid first half.Last week they had about 3 decent series where thee offense capitalised on those.

For me with DQ it’s marrying all 3 phases that’s why the problems are magnified.Its not about defense it’s about the team playing consistently and as above all 3 phases closing there best and worst.

Right now even if the defense got its **** together it wouldn’t matter because another phase would fall apart and cost us.

At least he’s leaving no stone unturned I guess but jezzzzz.

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2 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Nothing to do with losing the team. You just don't know how to coach less than HOF caliber Defenders...

Meanwhile, Dirk ...

Shoulda kept Sark.

I don’t like dirk but I don’t blame him either. Sark couldn’t do much either against good teams. Browns last year could have scored 40 easily. Dark I think had like 16-17 ppg against winning teams.


its too easy for opposing teams, force a punt or two, take the lead and go after the QB.

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