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Take The 15 Anytime Somebody Does The Dirty Bird

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1 hour ago, Nino11 said:

Go back and watch it. You can see Havenstein pull his dreads as the ref is trying to restrain him. He clearly yanks him down and walks off 

It’s people like that guy that obviously don’t see clearly what happens in a game. I guess it’s too fast for them to comprehend what’s going on 

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18 hours ago, Nino11 said:

There’s some things that are just unacceptable when playing football. There’s unwritten rules in sports. You don’t keep passing when I’m big in the 4th quarter of football, you dribble out the clock wen up big in basketball, etc. If you didn’t actually play competitive sports then you won’t know what I mean. It’s not about a cheap shot, you light somebody up tryna rub in a win n show you up


Yeah, you act like you have done it before and will have no problem doing it again since that’s what you do, when you drag a team. 

When a team steps out of that, then you have to teach them the proper way. 


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