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Consolidated Arthur Blank Thread

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He shouldn't bring in a coach, period. The coach needs to be hired by the new GM. 

There’s no urgency at this point. Season’s a wash.

After today’s blowout, I wouldn’t be against it happening today. The bye week was my original prediction and I’m not even for firing mid season but this is pathetic 

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5 minutes ago, MAD597 said:

Sorry AB but if you let this play out any longer you are insulting the fans. You can do what's best for the team while canning Quinn in the bye week and letting other coaches sift through the roster to see if we have anything on the benches.

Knowing how bad things are now and letting things continue means it's your fault. 

He also has to deal with the fact that the new stadium COST to the fans sucks as well.No home field advantage. Maybe he can fire himself or sell the team lol

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Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank told reporters he is "extraordinarily disappointed" in how the season has turned out following his team's sixth straight loss and he plans to take the "next couple of weeks" to evaluate head coach Dan Quinn's status.

"I think it's a fair question. Much like the coach just said, I'm extraordinarily disappointed in the season," Blank said after Sunday's 27-20 loss to the Seahawks. "Nobody would have anticipated 1-7 and the lack of consistency. Today was a prime example of that, down 24-0. If we could just play the second half, we would have won the game; but it doesn't work that way. We'll take the next couple of weeks during this bye period of time and evaluate where we are.

"Whatever decision we have to make will be made for the right reasons for the long term. We certainly have a lot of intelligence on this coaching staff here. We have three other head coaches, we've got three general managers in this building beyond Thomas [Dimitroff], actually four, including Rich McKay. The knowledge base is there, but the performance is not. And this is a performance-driven business, I understand that and they understand that as well. So, we'll continue to look at everything we can and make the right decisions that we're going to have to make. I'm not bashful about making those decisions."

Quinn's job status has been a weekly topic in Atlanta over the past month as the Falcons have tumbled in the standings and struggled to field a competitive operation on a game-by-game basis. The Falcons came out listless in the first half Sunday and trailed the Seahawks by 24 after two quarters, which also marked a period in which they were outscored 61-10 in six straight quarters at home.

The Falcons now head into their bye firmly in the bottom of the NFC South, setting up a long week of intrigue about potential changes that could be coming in Atlanta.

"Well, we are going to do something," Blank said. "We're going to continue to think really hard and evaluate everything that we can do as an owner and as a senior management team, and figure out if there's anything that we can do to make some decisions, any earlier, any later, that would help the process, but we have no plans on making any changes right now."

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11 minutes ago, jonnyblooz said:

I can't help but think the success of his soccer team has kept him distracted enough to not have his head screwed on straight with this team. Flame me, but it's how I feel. 

He got some meaningless success with his kickball team and forgot all about real football.

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Okay Arthur! We as your paying audience appreciate the immediate and urgency in you making decisions to pay for the construction of a SB winning team in Atlanta! 

Question though! Why did you wait so long? Who ya going to fire? The water boy, the PR guy, the equipment manager? Who pray tell does Quinn suggest you can??

we are waiting...waiting...,and....waiting! 

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5 minutes ago, 2_legit_2_legit_2_quit said:

I think AB highlighted one of the problems. He has too many head coaches and general managers. Bunch of chiefs and no Indians.

that being said sounds like Quinn and TD are about to be fired.

Was going to say the exact same thing.  Blank is an example of modern corporatism in action.  Middle management city.

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“Julio likes the coach” are you kidding me!!! I don’t care who he likes!!! Julios has an attitude as well, he’s lazy like Beas, and Tak, remember Rasheed Hageman, super lazy!!!

MCKay needs to go also.

i don’t like Ryan that much either, but at this point, keep him and hoop, nuke the rest!!! Rebuild the whole thing!!!


keep Ridley

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Arthur Blank will take next couple of weeks to evaluate “everything”

Posted by Charean Williams on October 27, 2019, 5:20 PM EDT
Getty Images

Falcons coach Dan Quinn’s job appears safe. For now.

A league source indicated earlier that the current expectation is the Falcons will wait until the end of this season before making a coaching change.

Owner Arthur Blank appeared to confirm that to reporters after Sunday’s 27-20 loss to the Seahawks.

“We have no plans [of a coaching change now],” Blank said, via Vaughn McClure of ESPN.

Blank said he would take the next couple of weeks to evaluate “everything,” with all the former General Managers in the building other than Thomas Dimitroff helping him with the evaluation, per D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Falcons have lost six in a row to fall to 1-7 as they head into their bye week.

Atlanta is only 18-22 since its Super Bowl appearance, including 8-16 since the start of last season.

The Falcons hired Quinn in 2015.

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Regardless of your opinion of Atlanta United, if the Falcons had a few more folks with the fire of Josef Martinez and Julian Gressel on their roster, this type of season would never happen.  You'll never see me disrespect guys that so vehemently hate to lose...they truly have "that dawg" in them.  Vamos ATL.

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