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*** Official Rams Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***


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58 minutes ago, PensacolaFalcon said:

**** the Saints...

We can always count on you bruh!! I hate the Taints so much I’d rather they lose than the Falcons win!!

on another note I just saw Kyle Shanny In the rain. He has such a punchable face!! Carrisa Thompson is sexy too!

thats all!! Go Falconettes!

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11 hours ago, mattyicefalcon said:


Nice try falcons nation but, yall just pissed off a team who was hungry to begin with.

Cooper Cupp / Aaron Donald will destroy our falcons.

Rams 42

Falcons 35

you really think the Falcons had anything to do with the power going out in their motel? LMAO some of the things some of y'all come up with is freaking hilarious


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