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*** Official Rams Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***

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6 hours ago, mattyicefalcon said:


Nice try falcons nation but, yall just pissed off a team who was hungry to begin with.

Cooper Cupp / Aaron Donald will destroy our falcons.

Rams 42

Falcons 35

You honestly think we turned off the power on purpose? Well I guess if we can do it to ourselves figurativly why noy literally to the opposing team? Won't mean a thing, we are ranked just above the Dolphins, we lose badly. Quinn is gone in the bye week (thank you Ghost of Nobis) and they focus on the OLine DLine Dbacks Pass Rush, Corners, Safetys RBs FBs We're still ok at QB And WR.

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11 minutes ago, mjqvi said:

Falcons: $$$$$

Fans: 0

Hopefully the smart fans no show this game in protest and have a totally embarrassing week 7 empty stadium situation that the NFL media is talking about. 

I can confirm this is a given. AB and the Falcons had a chance to make this a great place to go watch a game, it still is if you like soccer.

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