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Just now, k-train said:

Yeah, and I cannot help but get the feeling that they reaaaaally seem to want Gage to step his game up to the next level & be that guy to replace Sanu moving forward, but the dude just can't seem to stay on the field.

Oh yeah, he was so raw coming into the league but physically?

If Graham can become a true Joker TE compliment to Hooper, we won't miss Sanu as much and with a D we won't miss him at all.

If they find a way to keep him? Okay, but if he yields a 3rd rounder or something like that and you knew he was a big candidate for cut after season?

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Please no.  Sanu has always embodied what we need more of on this team.  Sanu is a leader.  He speaks with his hard work and play on the field.

This one will sting.  Love me some Mo.

Well incarcerated bob has a pretty decent following. I’ll stay open minded on this one

On 10/17/2019 at 5:00 PM, NWFALCON said:

Patriots, Packers, Eagles, bears, and Niners are listed on there. 

Patriots fans on Twitter seem to really want Sanu.  But the teams that probably make the most sense to trade for him are San Fran, Philly, and Green Bay.  They could all really use a WR of Sanu's caliber to help push for a playoff spot.  I'd hate to see him go to any of those teams, but I don't know who else would really come calling.

It would be awesome to ship him to the Raiders, though. He'd be one of their best WRs, and Gruden & Mayock would probably overpay given their moves this past offseason.

The Bills are another AFC team making a playoff push where he would step right in and make a significant upgrade.

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