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The Consolidated Matt Ryan Thread

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Padded stats are when you get yards and stats when there's no chance of catching up. They keep catching up. It's actually much easier to have good stats with a run game.  The opposing defens

You guys and your obsession with Tua...yikes... To the OP, heck no.

How are the stats padded? Each game has had him bring the team back within one score before the defense falls down and lets the game get away. He isn't a rookie. He wouldn't have to learn a new system

28 minutes ago, TX Falcon said:

Vick was at his best under Dan Reeves! Mr. Blank made a quick trigger to fire Reeves even though Vick had gotten hurt during preseason. Just in case many of you have forgotten Dan Reeves took MV7 and the Falcons into Green Bay during the winter in the Playoffs and did something NO ONE HAD DONE AT THAT TIME they won! Those guys were also close to beating Philly! 

That's when it all started going down hill for MV7, and he started hitting the MJ at airports. Should have stuck with Reeves. 

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Just now, EJmusic said:

Why **** on Shaub? I don't get it. I wanted him to succeed. He did a great job today, the line protected him today, he got the ball out, and played an admirable game. Kudos to Shaub. Having said that, I hope the line can protect Ryan this way when he gets back.

This x1000. Schaub had a pretty clean pocket for the most part all day

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Schaub is a starting caliber QB that got relegated to the cellar because of an unusual streak of pick 6's. People are going to spin his pretty good performance tonight as evidence that Ryan isn't that good, when in reality it's just that Schaub is way better than his reputation precedes.

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