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The Consolidated Matt Ryan Thread


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37 minutes ago, Roanoke Falcon said:

Ridiculous assertion.

His cap hit is perfectly in line with the going rate of a franchise quarterback. His cap numbers go up when the salary cap numbers also go up. Tom Brady married a multi-millionaire supermodel who make more than he ever could, so Tom has the luxury of taking less.

Does Russell Wilson not care about winning?

Does Ben Roethlisberger not care about winning?

Does Aaron Rodgers not care about winning?

Stop saying stupid things borne of ignorance.

All those QBs won super bowls. After you win a Superbowl, getting paid is the next priority.

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Ryan reminds me of Chad Pennington during the end of his tenure with the Jets. His arm was much too weak, his abilities were behind him but but but the stats.


I always hated QB's like Pennington, Ryan and Cousins. Aikman is the only one whoever won with that style of play and he had the best roster consistently ever. They're fool's gold and always have been. 

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Tired of seeing refs flagging the $#@& out of this Franchise...Killing drives early in games...

Yet, other teams are allowed to hold on the road here, slam Ryan's shoulder with all of their weight.

If Olukon just bumps Goff.....Goff is standing back there all day....Beasley has to dance around QBs to avoid suspension .

Donald to the showers.

It is a uneven officiating

"The eye in the sky don't lie"

They are destroying this market.

No matter who is coaching...

Falcon do not draw national attention, but they will always be "The Washington Generals' of The NFL with this $#@&.

Protect Ryan like the other QBs! Unnecessary Roughness on Donald.

I've seen The Falcons cause a QB to fumble, and it is nulified by a roughing call  Same thing  in The Superbowl years ago! Sick of the $#@&.

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35 minutes ago, ⚡Slumerican⚡ said:

I really dont take any of the Ryan cheerleaders seriously.. You do know and understand the rest of the league and all fanbases think Ryan sucks right? You and a handful of people are the only ones that continues to defend him.. So is it 10 people are on to something, or yall just dont understand what the rest of the world sees? Maybe yall are just special? 

I don't think anyone takes you seriously anymore either bud.

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1 minute ago, jidady said:

Fun fact: Pennington anchored three different Jets playoff teams in six seasons. The franchise has been to the playoffs twice in 13 seasons since then. 

That's due to the franchise. Not the QB. Mark Sanchez took them to two out of three playoffs runs. Does that mean Mark Sanchez is worth a **** or the squad was loaded? The Jets have been a terrible franchise for the last 8 years. 


I am tired of fugazi, look at his stats QB's. Anyone with eyes can see Ryan is not that good. 

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