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The Consolidated Matt Ryan Thread


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1 minute ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

I have seen the QB step away from that pressure and then run or throw, than them throw the ball quickly this year. 

Matter of fact, I have seen them Stand in the pocket for four or five seconds and then throw it to a soft “zone” more than folks blowing covering that early. 


That happens to every team sometimes. Our pass rush is way more effective than last year. Their win percentage is up there. 

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5 hours ago, stingbee said:

The Falcons will lose on that guaranteed money that was something like 90% of his compensation. This article was written for dramatic values—the Falcons are not that stupid to let go of their QB for a rookie QB. These new contracts are player favorable and the team will lose a lot of money. 

Matt Ryan is not going anywhere and deal with it. Fix the freaking defense and we are good. The offense is fine and the OL will be much better.

 Very sad but true! Truth is, Ryan ain't no $130mill qb but we're saddled to him for now. Would love to get Tua tho, he's going to be a great pro.

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Long time fan here on the boards despite the low number of post! Don’t get me twisted please...I’m not an air head or a troller! And I’m going to tell you now stop reading if you don’t like long post!

Before getting into it, it’s important that I let you know where I stand so while reading this you don’t automatically assume one or the other and that is this..... I am not Matt Ryan lover or hater! However for the most part I do support Matty Ice despite the negativity he gets from half the falcons fan base simply because common sense should tell anyone there are way bigger issues than looking in his direction.

Like many i find myself daily defending Ryan (again not a Ryan lover but common sense is common sense even if we’re just talking about football )....but I find it that too many of our fans have the audacity to place majority blame on Ryan no matter what even when knowing and acknowledging the defense is this atrocious they simply do not care.
Now I don’t understand how Ryan is the one player that gets talked about the most among our fans to trade off BUT I’m done trying to figure that out and make sense of it ....instead I’ve moved on to a question I really didn’t want to ask but at this point with another losing season underway and the fact that I attend some of these games and get to hear the displeasure of Ryan from our fans in person.... ... I think it’s fair to ask this question from a business standpoint though it’s highly unfair to Ryan and what he’s done for this franchise throughout his career.

And again I’m not a troll and I KNOW Ryan is a good QB but to many in our fan base he is just NOT an exciting QB. Ryan’s stellar numbers won’t keep butts in the seat as we continue to lose games and it’s come to my attention that it’s really more than half the  fan base honestly that wants the scrambling dual threat type Vick QB back! 
So with the seats already starting to get more empty as the weeks go on at what point does blank make a business decision over a football decision?

Perhaps that may be a stupid question to some but even Ryan lovers have to ask themselves “if Vick was the qb and we are losing like this, are fans showing up still despite the losses piling up?”......Pocket QB type is a better QB historically but the Dual threat running  type is probably more likely to keep the money rolling in regardless of how the season turns out due to excitement 

will blank roll with a money business decision and draft tua or a football decision and Keep Ryan around as long as possible?

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Would love to have Tua on the team. The kid can play, is tough as ****, and can win. Ryan isn’t getting any younger. Ryan has never been the most physically talented QB in the NFL, but he’s one of the smartest. You take Tua and let him learn under Ryan. Once the torch is passed, you have the best of both worlds. Not to mention he’ll have a connection with Ridley from the get go. 

That being said, I think us drafting a QB is entirely predicated on if we have a new HC next year. I’ve seen a few names being thrown around here. The two most notable are Riley & Bieniemy. If either one is our new HC, I can see us drafting a QB first round. They both require a different skill set for their QB. 

One potential issue I see with Tua is the fact that he is left handed. Which means his blind side is on the right. So we’ll have to make sure that our RT can pass block well. 

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6 hours ago, D.B.N. said:

I'd be down. Anyone outside of Grady, Deion Jones, and JJ could be traded for all I care. Ship Ryan for picks. Draft Tua and Chase Young and build defense with Ryans Salary. We would have more of a chance to win a SB with that scenario than our current scenario of Ryan having to go thru yet another coaching change. 

Who would be coaching?

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7 hours ago, D.B.N. said:

Could the Falcons Trade Matt Ryan & Draft Tua in 2020?

by Connor Hooper2 days ago

The Falcons are currently tied for the 3rd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Atlanta should trade their star QB for additional picks in the draft next year.

If the season ended today, the 1-5 Falcons would be drafting in the first thirty minutes of the draft. It’s also very evident that the Dan Quinn era may be coming to an end in the next two weeks. That being said, if the Falcons are already out of the playoffs, why not go ahead and make moves that will benefit the team in the long run? This isn’t as crazy as it may sound.

New Coach, New QB, New Era

Matt Ryan has went through so many offensive coordinators in his career, that he has arguably not been able to fully mature into the quarterback everyone imagined. If Dan Quinn is fired, Ryan will once again have to learn a new system. That would not be good news for Falcons fans.

With the Boston College alumni being under contract through 2021, Atlanta should look to trade the QB that led them for the past decade and start fresh with a new QB and new coach. All this being said, how could the Falcons trade Ryan and get the #1 overall draft pick?

For this scenario to work out, the Falcons would need to finish the season with a 2020 draft pick in the top 10. They would also have to trade Ryan to a team that would have a 2020 top 10 pick. The question would then become, would the Dolphins or Bengals trade the #1 overall pick for two top ten picks? If so, Tua Tagovailoa will be in an Atlanta Falcons jersey next year.

Arthur Blank Should Consider Trading Ryan for Draft Picks

The Falcons traded five draft picks to get Julio Jones in 2011. It’s safe to say that trade worked out well (Jones is arguably the top receiver in the league). Imagine the draft picks that a team would trade to have an established QB that has a MVP to his name and tons of playoff experience. Matt Ryan would easily bring a 1st, 3rd, & 4th round pick.

Potential teams to trade with: Dolphins, Bengals, Colts, Titans, Redskins, & Buccaneers


The Super Bowl Window is Quickly Closing for Atlanta

With Julio Jones aging, the Falcons offense doesn’t have much longer to get a Super Bowl. The defense is still young, but the past two seasons should have fans alarmed. The only option left is to go ahead and start a quick rebuild. The offense would still have Alex Mack, Julio, Freeman or Ito, and Calvin Ridley. The defense would have Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen, & Damontae Kazee to build around. Drafting Tua Tagovailoa isn’t an unrealistic idea. He very well could come into the NFL and be ready as quick as Patrick Mahomes.

The Falcons have tough decisions to make in the next two weeks. The team should realize the Matt Ryan era is over. He has reached his ceiling and they should trade him why they still can get value picks.

Could the Falcons shock the NFL and trade Ryan? It’s doubtful. But, if they did, 2020 will be Tua Time in ATL.

Three Alabama Crimson Tide stars leading the offense? Doesn’t sound like a bad idea.



This article is idiotic, and was obviously written by an idiot.

Matt Ryan's contract makes him untradeable for several years. The moron who wrote this doesn't know a darn thing about how the NFL salary cap works, nor does he understand how NFL contracts interact with the salary cap.

Tua Tagawhatever is not a sure-fire NFL quarterback. Matt Ryan is.

Matt Ryan is a much more important piece to build a Super Bowl team around that Julio is. It has been more than a decade--- possibly more than TWO decades--- since any team featuring a super-star caliber wide receiver won a Super Bowl. Without going to actually look, I think the last time a superstar WR won a championship was in the Rice/Irvin era.

So this article got every single point it was trying to prove--- wrong.

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5 hours ago, DawnOfThemBirds said:




Plus there is one huge thing the OP is not thinking about.



...........why would a team that is tanking this season and trading away quality players want to trade for a good 34 year old vet QB?


This entire scenario makes no sense because that would turn the Dolphins plans upside down and will be just an awful team with a good quality QB that doesn't allow you to automatically win now because the rest of their roster is stripped down and is crap along with no longer having the draft capital to improve the team.. It will be like putting a quality QB on a deserted island.


Trading for Ryan would be a win now move for a team that's a QB away, not a rebuilding move. The Dolphins don't even have a team.

If the bears could afford him,  thats the team that needs him...

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