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2012 NFC Championship .


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1 minute ago, Califalcon0013 said:

I remember people on here complaing about TG being so good it would hurt matts development because hed look for TG too much lol

It didn't really hurt his development as such imo, but we definitely missed that option as an offense for many years after his retirement. 

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1 hour ago, octoslash said:

Don't the Falcons (notice I didn't say 'we') hold records for the biggest blown leads in BOTH the Super Bowl and Conference Championship games?  

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Yep at least for the NFC. Ironically I think Brady and the Pats hold the biggest blown lead in the AFCCG (21-0 vs Peyton and the Colts in 2006 I believe).

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2 hours ago, kenn.junior said:

bruh i wanted to see matty vs flacco soo bad to show we had the better qb we were gonna bust the ravens you know what but a Vernon davis monster game and a harry douglas slip and a non call on roddy away from that dream ughhh

Exact same **** as the SEC CG UGA vs Bama... we would have destroyed Notre Dame same as the Falcons would have destroyed the Ravens. 


I still have nightmares about those 2 months. 

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