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Kevin Stefanski


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Everyone’s been trying to give Kubiak credit for that offensive surge.

Personally, I like him, but I’m not sure he’s seasoned enough yet for the big job. He hasn’t even had a full season as a playcaller, then you couple in he wasn’t really on anyone’s radar at all before last year.

He wasn’t a complete unknown as a QB coach, but it’s not like he’s had a rep as a rising star who’s been waiting in the wings, like say Mike Tomlin did when he was building his rep as a DB coach before taking over as Viking DC for only one year before he got hired in Pittsburgh.

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Echoing everyone else, I think there is a danger in hiring a guy for his first ever HC job right after he got his first ever OC job.  Everyone thinks of Kyle Shanahan as this youngster, but the truth is he had been an OC for 9 years when he got his first HC job, including a very successful first stint in Houston, a successful first few years in Washington where he basically tailored an offense for RGIII, and then the 7th best offensive season in NFL history and a Super Bowl berth with us.

He was ready.  Maybe Stefanski is, but he certainly hasn't proven it like Kyle Shanahan had.

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