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Is anyone else having a hard time sitting thru an entire game?

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I don't even try anymore. They're a waste of valuable time for someone who doesn't have a lot free. I'll peek in for an hour or so, but that's it. Find something better to do and remember it's just a

I have loved the Falcons for a looong time but I’ve gotten to the point I can’t even finish a game Bc it upsets me how bad we are........ Wtf is wrong with our team?

I sit through them fine. I like being in the game thread LMFAO! You have to laugh at this team right now. The game thread is the best part of watching these games.

I switched to the Cowboys-Jets game.  The production values differences were night and day.

With the Falcons always so low on the broadcast hierarchy, we always draw the worst production crew.  The announcers are fine, but there is no sense of spectacle or drama.

The Falcons D is so frustrating and predictable to watch (only 3 forced punts the last 3 games), that it gets boring.

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I had it on but then went with the wife to go look at houses. Came back just in time to see the missed FG and just chuckled. The worst part? I called Kyler Murray running for a first down to ice the game ten minutes before it happened. Went outside to play with my dog, came inside and saw the replay of the run and just died laughing. This season has gotten so predictable. I can't wait to see the spectacle Russ puts on next week. It's going to be fun to watch. 

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22 minutes ago, NCFalconfan said:

At this point it's kind of like watching a car crash, you know its going to be bad but you can't look away. Interested to see if Ryan ends up with 50 TD passes and 5K yards passing with a 2-14 record. It will be the most Falcon Stat ever.

Speaking of the most Falcon thing ever. I was having a conversation with my son the other day and he asked who I thought would win the Super Bowl. I answered the Patriots as much as I hate them. Then he asked about the NFC. I said right now it looks like it might be the 49ers. They're the number 2 defense and we all know that Shanahan will put the offense in position to score a boat load of points.

So then I told him the most Falcon thing ever would be to sit there and watch a 49ers - Patriots SB and to see the 49ers end up winning it.

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Watching this train wreck of a football team has become comically predictable. 

After we scored that last TD, I told my wife that I wished we would just go for two to try to win the game rather than going the "safe" route of kicking an extra point & playing for overtime. I mentioned how the offense seemed unstoppable at that point & while our defense had stepped up, could you really count on them keeping that up in overtime?

I then said that I doubted whether DQ had the onions to potentially put his employment on the line, so we'd almost certainly play it safe... adding sarcastically that we'd probably blow the kick. As Bryant trotted out for the XP & the announcer kept bringing up how Schaub was holding since Bosher was out I thought, "How funny is it gonna be when he shanks this?" Like clockwork, Bryant missed it.

"How'd you know?" my wife asked.

"Falcons gonna Falcon", I replied.

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