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2019 top 5 pick....

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Even if we would've had a top 5 pick, we still would've be 1-5...     the coaching is so bad..  I didnt understand why DQ got so much credit for building the Seahawks defense..    it was gus and pete that built that Defense..     at this point DQ and TD have set this franchise back at least 3 years..      next year coach will get up to a winning record, year 2 will be a playoff year, and year 3 we will NFCCG and or SB.. unfortunately JJ and Matt will be 3 years older..     


id love to think that our roster could immediately turn this around next year, but with the cap so tight its goin to be hard to bring in legit veterans to contribute..     

Dan Quinn will be fired :), imho, after the bye week (1-7, 2-6) Dirk Koetter will be interim, a top 5 pick is staring us in the face, but like True Falcon way, we will win meaningless games, have a 13-17 pick:argh:.   and Blank will give Dirk Koetter the keys to his franchise, because of those meaningless wins:bang:

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