Dan Quinn has lost the Atlanta Falcons locker room

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3 hours ago, Bunchy Carter said:

This is purely speculation on my part, but I think the MAJORITY of our defensive issues stems from ONE player: Vic Beasley.

I'm not talking about his hilariously bad play... I'm talking about his LACK OF EFFORT for YEARS. If the fans see it, you KNOW the other players see it too.

So, when they picked up his option, Q's message about "competition and competing" fell flat. It's why players like Trufant fell off a cliff. There's ZERO accountability, because every single player on the D KNOWS Beasley is stealing money and is not being held accountable.

Vic = soft, spineless and comes across like a goody two shoes type.

If you've ever been around groups of hyper-aggressive, alpha types and then the frail hearted "teacher's pet" (WHO DOESN'T PRODUCE) keeps getting rewarded...well you end up with a situation where the coaches b.s. falls flat.

If Takk had been standing in the tunnel, essentially having QUIT on his team, TATF would have melted down. But Vic does his "golly gee, I'm religious and listen to country music" bit and gets a pass from folks. I don't think I've hated a player this much since Ed Hartwell... maybe Eugene Robinson.

Being the first pick ever in the DQ era helps that. Draft picks are coddled throughout the league. However, those are not excuses.

There are numerous examples, past and present, where players are saints and the most mild mannered guys off the field, but completely opposite on the field. I could care less how Beasley is off the field. But his on field personality/heart is not built for success. If he was anything but a first or second round pick, he would have been gone by now.

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1 hour ago, JeffAtl said:

You had some great points about Trufant "covering grass" a few days ago.  Is the secondary deciding not to bail on their coverage a symptom of "quitting" or coaching?

I'm not a Quinn fan, but it seems like several players have all of a suddenly forgotten how to play zone coverage.

Nope it's a lack of awareness on the players part and a coach over estimating his ability to coach guys up. You can't make players smarter. If they aren't zone aware players, there just is nothing you can do to change that. Revis, for all of his ability, was not a zone aware player. So the Jets didn't play much zone. 

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8 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

Do you think they keep Neal for the long haul or let him finish this deal then let him walk.

Man, your guess is as good as mine on that....But, my hope is, he'll fully recover, and they'll want to keep him around, since he's such a unique talent.  Of course, if he can't stay on the field, they may choose not to renew his contract, depending on how he performs when he gets off of IR.


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