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Lotta DQ Duds Getting Exposed Now

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Just like America's bi-annual housing market crash. Buy up all the land. Go bankrupt. Make it out like bandits. Kinda like that old movie with Eddie Murphy & Dan Aykroyd in it. What was it called? Yeah, that one. Wish we could trade some of these old DQ Dummy Move Decisions huh? Maybe drafted a couple a different guys like say Phillip Lindsay lol.

Now THAT would have been genius. Finding an instant replacement talent for fav talent the Franchise loves but we know that we have to let go of in order to be smart. I mean, it's not like we can keep resigning these types of Bs of DQ ahhhh guys from his 2015-16 draft OVER & OVER. It's impossible. Looking at how shrewd a guy like Shanahan was versus DQs decision making SMH LOL /along with TD who personally has lost my vote like .. 4 years ago lol.. I would have been preparing to upgrade the guy any time after 2009 - He had his run true. But it was brief versus Matt Ryan's overall career. 

I would have hired a guy that would see Falcon football life AFTER Matt Ryan's achievements. Like since the Super Bowl I'd have been giving serious looks at Qb competition long time ago. Matt Ryan's gonna be done in 4 years. I doubt he keeps it up in his 40s like Brady is. We have to reason with the fact that we are going to have find our own Pat Mahomes man. Or a Brady level smart football guy. The Giants QB is a Brady level smart QB guy. The guy outta Duke? Ryan needs a young gunslinger like that consistently beind him. I THOUGHT HE NEEDED IT THEN AND HE STILL NEEDS IT NOW. 

Our Franchise HAS to be bigger than one guy. It's a team sport. Matt Ryan as great as he is needs to be looked at as another ultimate cog in the wheel. Not the wheel itself LOL. Short term sucks long term has more than enough backend value due to the reality of his contract. Which means Deshaun Watson was gonna be a great QB and the Atlanta Falcons of all franchises should have been aware of it. Matt Ryan will have his records yes. But Deshaun can win a big game NOW. And he guess what else? HE COSTS LESS. 

Somebody tell TD to DTM .. Ok? -Thanx frm the guy Who Thought You Should've Been Demoted Ages Ago. Lol

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