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Looks like Devondre got exposed...

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13 minutes ago, 175_Ranger_Falcon said:

Give Grace some PT. Heck we got nothing to lose. At least see what’s on the roster

I agree. Mark my words. Grace will be a multi year starter in this league. Either here or somewhere else. Give him 3 weeks and he'll be outplaying Campbell.

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The point is he was easily upgradeable two seasons ago. And DQ holds on to guys too long. Especially not always the best. DQ of anybody should have seen how pivotal players like Poole & Keanu really were. Not resigning certain guys versus keeping guys who's value per production doesn't really equal the better talent level guys especially on Defense

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57 minutes ago, Hurry_Up_And_Buy said:

As is Matthews. A real football coach would have benched #70 long time ago. Instead we are stuck in limbo with another Big Name/Contract player versus a productive yet lower costs. They faked the whole Oline fixed thing from the jump honestly. 

...nah, Matthews is legit not that bad. The other option is Sambrailo.

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3 hours ago, caponine said:

we are trash tbh its no surprise that players call out fanbases. All across the league but definitely falcons fans  


3 hours ago, NCFalconfan said:

I have no idea why an athlete would be on social media. People can be brutal.

Even when the Falcons go good alot of this fan base won’t say first off the teams going well they’ll say the other team was just bad.

Funny thing is when this team is going badly the above still pile it on.

Can’t win either way.

I agree though for the most part I never understood why a player thinks anything is to be gained by engaging fans on Twitter or other forms of social media it’s just a plane crash waiting to happen.

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