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Where is defense


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Since Quinn took over defense we are allowing more points. Ugh I'm a very frustrated fan right now. Our window of opportunity has closed. But I have not seen no improvement in our defense. Dan the man threw himself out there by taking over the defense. Should we start looking for a new coach or do we suffer more with our typical sorry football team and coaching staff? 

Ps. Very pissed off to a point I put away all my falcon stuff...I feel like we are back in our old 4-12 selfsagain..

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4 minutes ago, Norwood all the way! said:

Its almost astonishing how bad our defense has become especially with a "defensive guru" calling the defense. The same guy that took over playcalling duty on our superbowl run and it became formidable. And now, just straight and utter dog poop. Its dumbfounding. 

Quinn went from legion of boom to legion of doomed..it's just frustrating as ****


6 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

Why is defense? 

More like where is defense

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