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Do we draft a replacement for Ryan?

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It looks like we will have a pretty high draft pick this year. Do we draft Ryan's replacement or does Quinn get another lineman that sucks?

If we draft a QB who should we take?


Edit: I ask because we don't often get a high draft pick. MR is still great, but he's getting old and how often do get a chance to pick a guy in the draft that might can actually fill Matt's shoes?

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We don't draft his replacement until 2021 at least. Ryan's contract goes through 2023, so it wouldn't even make sense. 

It's either Chase Young or Derrick Brown this year man I'm so excited. I stopped caring about this season forever ago, I'm just looking forward to the draft position. Blank better not **** this up by firing Quinn so we can have an interim coach come in and ruin our draft position with meaningless wins.

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5 minutes ago, droopy1592 said:

Sure. Let’s draft an unproven guy and put that 1st round pick to good use. 30/36, 356 yards and 4TDs is ****. Matt needs to retire now and we spend that first round pick wisely. /s

I'm not sayin MR sucks bro. He's getting old though, and he takes a beating nearly every game. He won't be great much longer. I think it wouldn't hurt to draft his replacement and let Matt groom the young man for a while.

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I would wait til next year and draft a QB 1. because i like next years crop of QB's better coming out in the 1st round and 2. It gives you 2 years left on Ryans contract and then you can move on from him if need be without hurting the cap.  2 Years is almost the perfect amount of time for a Young QB to develop under a very intelligent smart QB such as Ryan and learn alot of things from him.   Plus it gives you 3 years left with the QB on his rookie contract instead of 2 if you decide to move on from Ryan helping the cap space longer to build a team around him. 

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35 minutes ago, TheJudge said:

Yes, because a new QB will solve our problem of having the worst defense in the entire NFL giving up over 30 points per game.  If you think Matt Ryan is the problem, you are dumber than a bag of hammers and you should politely STFU!!

ESPN article said it perfectly smh 
QB breakdown: Ryan started the game well. The Falcons obviously wanted to change things up to jump-start the offense, so they won the coin toss and elected to receive. Ryan responded by marching his team down for 10-play, 80-yard drive that ended with a 9-yard TD to Calvin Ridley. Ryan completed 30 of 36 passes for 356 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions. He had two 100-yard receivers in Austin Hooper (8 for 117) and Julio Jones (8 for 108). But it didn't matter. The Falcons still are 1-5.

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