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Team has officially quit on Quinn


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2 minutes ago, DirtyBird7000k said:

The whole franchise needs to be completely overhauled! At this point even staying in Atlanta might be a open question? What if Blank decides to sell the team to like somebody in Canada???


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I liked Smitty, but he grew stale...this is just embarrassing what has happened to this team in the last 2 seasons.

I gotta say, as much as Quinn and TD should be shown the door today, I blame the players too....when you have Probowl players at so many positions, it isnt a pure talent issue. Its motivation in addition to scheme. Guys like Ryan, Mack, Julio, Sanu, Grady, etc are supposed to be leaders. They should play like it, not just punching the clock to make a paycheck. 


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