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Whatever ales your team, just play Atlanta...


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Murray 10/11 and 211yds

lmao, nothing is changing, period!! 

talent is overhyped and more than a few are overpaid. 

this team is just as passive as their mannequin like head coach. No swag, no emotion, Sharing a  blank stare as they get pummeled every week

offensive line is a complete embarrassment and TD should be stripped of all his clothes and made to walk through downtown Atlanta in shame

koetter and Mularkey....aren’t even worth a comment, other than to just say that I believe anyone on this board could call this BS we are seeing on Sundays

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Like I said, we been sold on all this supposed talent, overhyped and overpaid. Across the board 

ryan is the king of garbage time. Racking up yards when teams have let off the gas. 

he’s become a noodle arm chump, he’s not dynamic, he smokes of dust under pressure 

freeman is washed up, too indecisive and has lost a step


Trust your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!! This franchise has to stop putting their hopes on what someone USE to be able to do. 

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Consider this....

Arizona was supposed to be the worse team in their division

Atlanta was supposed to be a contender for the Super Bowl — a nearly finished and paid for commodity

instead they are a team that looks lost and uninterested. 

**** it, tank for Tu’a 

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