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I'm in the house!


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9 minutes ago, athell said:

The boy and I are here repping the A!  I am seeing plenty of Falcon fans so we aren't the only ones.  I'm ready to talk mad amounts of ****, let's hope the team allows me to do so.





I lived there for 5 years while working for Intel, went to quite a few games in the luxury suites. Awesom stadium, better than the benz imo since they play on natural grass.

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2 minutes ago, Nobis_Ghost said:

Looks like you have really good seats, is it a sellout? Many Falcons fans? I lked the guy that called the games on the radio, wolf something or other

Plenty of open seats right now...but there is quite a bit of Falcon fans.  I'm impressed.

Ron Wolfly?  I cannot stand his voice haha, I have to turn him off when I watch their games.

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2 hours ago, Geneaut said:

Brah, hate the game was a loss, but hours spent with your boy are golden.

Amen.  No team gonna disrupt quality time with my son.  We did have a great time and these are great learning lessons on life as a fan of this team haha

1 hour ago, JDaveG said:

Did you apologize to the heckler?

J/K. But for real, did the Falcons apologize to you?

I submitted my reimbursement request...it's pending...

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