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*** Official Falcons vs Cardinals In-Game Thread ***

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Matt Ryan - 30/36 (83.3%), 356 YDS (9.9), 4 TD, 0 INT, 144.9 QB Rating   Leads the offense to 33 points, and yet I know some people gonna find away to blame yet another los

Wow 25/30 280 yards 3TDs and 0INTs we need to trade this guy he sucks

The announcer really said that DLed does "an incredible job of covering the falcons"

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Just now, Road Warrior said:

Watched the whole game.  KC's defense was trash.  Giving up gashing running plays right up the middle.  

Watched some of it. Hyde was definitely having success. Watson got 2 TDs on the ground too. KC defense was always gonna be bad, Their offense can’t be scoring less than 30 and expect to win. 

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1 minute ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

Matt’s accuracy has really fallen off this year. Why is he making Hooper turn around to make that catch when he’s wide open?

And this is about more than poor protection. Matt’s been taking hits his whole career and making stick throws.

The one to Graham was even worse. He's been doing it for a while now.

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Quinn ****** this team up. At first I thought the DK hire was gonna be fine but he changed the offense too much. It looks sluggish and uninspired. Sark should’ve not been fired. The offense at least would’ve still been potent. I haven’t seen a stretch run yet this season. Outside zone period is nit exitstaht. What do you have free for if you’ve taken away what he’s good at? 

As for defense he changed his OWN scheme and now they look lost AF!! They can’t stop a cold. And the sad part is when he’s fired we’ll have to do the coach merry go round once again and they’ll have to learn another system AGAIN!!! 

now you see why I keep saying YOU CANT KEEP CHANGING COORDINATORS!!! And if you do promote from within. I said after ks left that lafluer Should be promoted cause who else knows his system? His firing is a self inflicted wound. He basically did the same thing smith did. 

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