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*** Official Falcons vs Cardinals In-Game Thread ***

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Matt Ryan - 30/36 (83.3%), 356 YDS (9.9), 4 TD, 0 INT, 144.9 QB Rating   Leads the offense to 33 points, and yet I know some people gonna find away to blame yet another los

Wow 25/30 280 yards 3TDs and 0INTs we need to trade this guy he sucks

The announcer really said that DLed does "an incredible job of covering the falcons"

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1 minute ago, RubberDucky said:

LOL @ the NFL putting Perreria back on the screen talking about some mysterious angle that shows "his calf may have been down" while showing the same angle they've shown 20 times. NFL really wants to protect their brand huh.

What a load of garbage that was.That was as embarrassing as the call itself.  Legit...how can anyone argue everything is on the up and up after all of that?

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1 minute ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

It’s almost impressive how bad we are on defense.

What are you looking at Deion? You never let a check down get that much space.

I keep jumping back and forth between is it the players or coaching ala Smitty, but at this point I just can't blame the players anymore. When Duke Riley goes to the pro bowl next year I will fukn lose it :lol:

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