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E. T.

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Just checking in on everyone... I've already digested and released!

I'm ready for whatever comes next, our flaws that gave us fits from time to time showed back up at the wrong time. But its ok because we're a young upcoming team with plenty of upside!

Everyone enjoy the offseason and be ready come spring to kick the doors off again!

Keep the CHOP alive!!!!!

E. T. out!

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It has been a rough day. Luckily I work with 90% Braves fans so we all mourned together. 

I hate we went out like that, hate to see McMann go but it is time, hate that our leadership didn't stand up for Aunca, and hate the nonsense about the Chop.

I am excited about next year and seeing what moves we make to make this team better! 


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I'm still pissed and since the Falcons suck I'll probably be pissed till Thanksgiving but I love baseball too much to not watch it.

I'll likely be going to a couple NLCS games since my friend has season tickets to the gNats and he always buys 2 but his gf never goes.

**** the Cardinals. 

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ARGH, I live in the DC area, so you can just imagine what it's like listening to the radio on my daily commutes now. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!

This playoffs exit hurts...it hurts bad. I didn't think we'd win a WS or anything this year (not strong enough or consistent enough hitting, questionable pitching, weakish bench), but i surely thought we'd beat the Cards.


If we can make some additions, drop some dead weight, and get better in-game management, we'll be right back winning 95+ games.

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Im here...


I got off work and took a nap just before the game started (because I bowl on Wednesdays) and when I woke up it was already 13-1, I checked the game on my phone about an hour later and it was the same and I just closed it and went back to bowling... there were a few extra drinks involved last night though.  

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