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Gotta root against ST. Louis’s. Listen to the post game celebration!


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Now that I’ve had a chance to calm myself down and think logically about this turn of events with the Braves! I’ve came to the conclusion that the Cardinals were stealing pitch signs!

That is the only way they could consistently hit balls fair down the lines as often as they did with our defense always out of position playing them in the hole and not on the line? The reason Freeman and Donaldson were not on the line is the Scouting report on the Cardinals hitters didn’t require them to be! But what did the Cardinals do in Game 1 and in Game 5 at times when they needed it the most? Late in Game 1 and then starting off Game 5! They selected these times to do it to avoid the Braves catching on! I think Snit needs a internal review and he definitely needs to change all the pitch signs! The Cardinals hitters knew exactly what pitch Foltzy was throwing in that first inning!!!

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