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2019-2020 Atlanta Braves Offseason Thread

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Braves president Mike Plant was on a Liberty Media stream to investors. He told them the Braves are set up to win now and that "they're going for it." He added the plan is to compliment the core youth

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Atlanta Sports Fan.

And I want Jeff Bezos to give me half his checking account. 

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8 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

Based on exactly what and what position?

I just think if given the oppurtunity to be an everyday player he will succeed. He looked like a different player after his stint in the minors last year. I know it wasnt for a long period of time but he appeared to have figured something out with his swing. I like the passion he brings to the game. I'm not saying just give him a spot but let him know he has a legit oppurtunity to earn a spot and see what he can do. He was a .272 hitter in 18 and a .299 hitter in 17. He may never be an all-star but we also need productive roll players and he may be able to give us more than the likes of Markakis/Duvall/Joyce/ etc

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Message to anybody interested. There is an app called the Fox Sports Super 6 that gives you the oppurtunity to win cash for no cost. They pick 2 or 3 games per week and ask 6 random questions. The people that get the most right split the pot. For instance, they have one for game 1 of The world series tonight. They ask what player scores a run first, who wins the game, how many strikeouts will each team have, etc. And the pot is 10 k

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5 hours ago, TheTrue7 said:

Awards mean nothing..

I kid.. I kid..

Sadly The Sporting News isn't what is official, and I highly doubt Snitker will win the BBWAA award, even though you can make a great case he should. I don't see any way Craig Counsell doesn't win it. Bobby Cox only won it 4 times in his career, 1985 in Toronto and 1991, 2004, and 2005. Another reason I doubt Snitker wins it again is because Bobby Cox winning it in 2004 and 2005 is the only time a manager has won MOTY in 2 straight years.

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