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This team needs a local owner!!


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If it’s only for entertainment, whic at present it is, they could not care less for Atlanta fans our city and the name of Braves! Worst thing and the best thing for Atlanta was Ted Turner when he owned them! Worst was when he sold them to Libert Media, no Atlanta connection! 

May the Braves rest in piece! Won’t win a WS ever again! 

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12 hours ago, Mr.Blank said:

Indeed, it was Time Warner.

Yep, after the screwed Ted in the back and forced him to give up control of the Braves after the Time Warner/AOL merger. I betcha Ted cries himself to sleep at night over agreeing to merge with AOL if he knew those MF'ers would turn around and stab him in the back like they did and he would end up losing the Braves.

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