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Would Mike Shanahan come out of retirement?

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Those who judge Mike in reference to his age and his last coaching job you have to realize he was coaching and of the worst owner in the league Dan Snyder and did not have control. I don’t know if the defense can be fixed this year but to say the season Mike could come to Atlanta and bring offense of line guru Alex Gibbs and they reinstall the zone system that will allow the run game to flourish, It will also allow Matt Ryan to boot left and boot right as the horrible offense of line will not have to go mono a mono With the pass blocking the offense of line will be more mobile. That wall jump start the offense and we just outscore people. I don’t have to mention of course Dirk Koetter would then be fired along with Quinn and Dimitroff

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On 10/8/2019 at 3:22 AM, Geaux_Falcons said:

Mike is far outdated for this league and he hasn't been around coaching in it, to consider it. 

Mike isn't as dynamic of a play caller like Kyle is today.



I don't think he's that outdated, but I still wouldn't want him as HC. Maybe as an advisor?


Have to remember that he had to deal with Daniel Snyder when he coached the Skins.


We are talking about an owner who's put bad blemishes on the resumes of Joe Gibbs, Marty Schottenheimer(he's cursed, but was one of the best HCs to never win a SB), and Mike Shanahan because he didn't allow them to build teams the way they were known for doing so. Snyder wants it his way or no way.


RG3 wasn't Shanahan's decision, it was Snyder's. Same thing with Haskins not being Gruden's.

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I would kick the tires. I think Mike would be able to correct a lot of the issues we have on this team. He would not be tolerant to any BS from the players not giving the team 100%.

He was very close to going back to Denver just a few years ago. Just wanted control and don't think Denver was going to give it to him. He would bring in real NFL talent for his coaching staff. 

I would not turn Mike away if we could get him on terms that will work.




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