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The Falcons again--for the umpteenth season--have no real identity as to what they are actually good at


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The Falcons again--for the umpteenth season--have no real identity as to what they are actually good at

On the other hand What ARE we known for--- well: 

#1 on the list-----we are known league wide for being the team that helps other teams set records ---Are you a struggling NFL Offense that needs to drastically boost your stats and set new records??? Well just play the Atlanta Falcons Defense run by Quinn & all your offensive statistical dreams will come true

#2 choking on big leads that we somehow actually get from time to time in games

#3 giving up  HUGE plays on Defense

#4 absolutely no pass rush (except for Grady Jarrett)

#5 no short yardage running game

#6 no breakaway RB threats

#8 an offensive line that is soft

#9 inferior tackling and blocking skills 

#10 confusing or seemingly non-existent in-game adjustments

#11 we are never a threat to return a kickoff or a punt for a TD



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1 doubt league wide but us fans feel like it. So yeah it do feel like that

2 bro that was years ago. It’s not a thing. We can’t even lead lately. 

3 last week before the game they mentioned we haven’t allowed a play over 40 yards. Yes our D sucks tho. 

4 not false at all

5 I don’t remember this hurting this year. I know we did pretty well against the Texans on a few of those. I’ve been drunk every game tho. 

6 yup we can’t do **** running the ball. Did you like, 2nd and 9 down by 13 and running the wildcat? 

7 you skipped this one 

8 yeah a little. Our D is better and our O would look much better 

9 the majority of our back 7 seem scared to tackle and our oline can hold with the best of them 

10 We brought Dirk back. DQ’s system seems to have been exploited or these players are high school talent and don’t belong, doubtful. We’re 2nd last in forced punts to Miami and let’s be honest, they gave up after week 1 

11 meh not many teams do these days

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