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South Carolina vs #3 Georgia


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On 10/17/2019 at 3:02 PM, Dawgfanbrock said:

Struggles with execution in the big moments would be my # 2 behind turnovers which to me also explains the screwed stats- turnover gonna happen - fromms pick 6 was pretty bad, the Simmons ball pick was bad that crap does happen tho, got to be better executing, think that might be why lot of us fuss and we’re frustrated w play calling  


This right here is what separates the elite teams from the good teams.  I remember going back to the Tebow years, what made them so tough is that whenever they would get to 3rd down and less than 5 yards, a first down was virtually automatic.  It was the same for us in 2017 with Chubb & Sony.  

And this is really the frustrating thing about this year's team even before South Carolina.  A great team would drive down and put the game away in the 4th qrtr against ND instead of kicking a FG and leaving the outcome in doubt.  Can we figure it out before the season is over?

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So I went back and watched the SC game and I’m going to back off a lot of my criticism on the offense. We moved the ball really well throughout the game. I didn’t really have an issue with playcalling except for overtime. I only remember one 3 and out the whole game. 

I think we spread the field well and
Fromm made a lot of good throws. He also made some bad ones as well. On the pick 6 Pickens, I think, was trying to make a play and shield the defender but the way he turned his body actually allowed the db to make the play. On the second one, there was miscommunication on the route and Simmons let the 3rd go right between his fingers. We can’t forget about the bobbled snap that likely cost us a score and the missed field goals as well. 

I thought the run game looked pretty good too. Our line was getting a lot of push and opening up holes but SCs dline did a great job getting off blocks to make plays. They played a pretty solid game. 

Overall I do think a lot of our issues have to do with guys getting open in man coverage. Pickens made some great catches but I also saw him get forced to the sideline on a few plays and he slowed up on one deep ball I thought he had a chance at. Fromm stretches the field a lot but the timing with the receivers just isn’t there yet. 

My biggest concern on offense is converting on 3rd downs. I think we’re around 44% on the season. We have to get better there. The other issue to me is inside the 30. Guys not getting separation is even bigger on a shortened field. Pass pro could have been better but again their dline played a pretty good game. 

With all that said, I think Coley can do more to help guys get separation. We ran a few bunch formation but I think we need more of that with more slants and drags. He also has to do better in the red zone. I wish we’d come out more aggressive early in the game and try to get up a score or two to start and then settle into the run game and grind it out.

This game really was due to the turnovers. We had four in addition to the two missed field goals. If we eliminate that and make a few tweaks to help out the receivers I think we can get back on track the rest of the way. This is a good team that’s not playing it’s best ball yet. If we can get it dialed in, we are still a big threat this year with the way the defense is playing. 

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