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South Carolina vs #3 Georgia


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2 minutes ago, WOR said:

How do you recruit after this? 

Come play for me! 

I'll lose you games all by myself! 

It’s going to start hurting us in the recruiting dept. When Kirby starts losing there, he’s not a good enough coach to compensate 

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2 minutes ago, Ovie_Lover said:

Fromm played bad.

Defense played soft.

Simmons needs to never see the field again. I'm done with his **** *** hands. 

Blankenship sucked today. 

Coaching was scared and bad.

Better not drop one against Auburn, Florida, or A&M.

Blankenship didn't play bad. He had one miss and one blocked. Fromm with the pick in OT.

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3 minutes ago, Beef said:

Coley needs fired immediately.  Dude is the worst play caller I’ve ever seen. 

20 runs up the middle, 17 for virtually no gain, but let’s just keep going back to what isn’t working. Especially in OT.

Idiot should be told he’s fired before he even makes it to the locker room. 

Chaney did the same thing. Coley didnt run this kind of offense at Miami. Kirby told him how to play.

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