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Mysteries of the Abandoned Episode, The hole by the Gulch.


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" Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.  near downtown.  A colossal structure dominates the landscape near a hole the locals call the Gulch.  What mysteries does it hold.  What secrets does it keep? "


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" Its a massive structure.  Evidence suggests there the structure was the most advanced of its day. "


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" Researchers and scientists from around the world have differing opinions as to the origins of the structure."

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"  Science channel interviewed locals living near the structure to try and find its origins. "


" Like dude... Whatever man..."


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" They promised us that the area would prosper but the only thing we got was two dollar hot dogs and traffic jams."


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"  And there you have it.  The massive relic is the remains of a structure called the Mercedes Benz Dome.   It was torn down after a few years of misuse by a group of gladiators called the Atlanta Falcons.   What remains makes it home next to another abandoned structure in the city called the Gulch. "

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