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2019 Preseason - Game #3 at Heat 10/14/19


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6 hours ago, red2play said:

Cam Deandre John and Trae looked good and Len too but the rest looked overmatched.  I hope that Huerter, Crabbe and Evan Turner can make this team respectable.  BTW the officiating was horrible.

Agree wholeheartedly. The officiating turned it into a one sided game. 

i liked what I saw from Bruno too. 3 blocks a nasty spin dunk and some good decision making. 

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“After one game, it’s not fair to try to assess,” Carter said of the young Hawks. “I’d rather assess them after the preseason is over. They’ll get a couple of games seeing different scenarios for them to figure it out. I think they’re going to be great basketball players because they have a great basketball IQ already. They have a special feel for the game. There are going to be moments throughout the season where they’re going to look rushed and hurried, but at the same time, they look seasoned already for them to be rookies.


“The willingness to learn is No. 1. That’s what I enjoy about them. These guys have come in and have asked questions. They allow you to come in and critique what we’ve seen so they can get better. They want to be elite players, and they’re on their way if they continue that.”


Pierce has mentioned a couple of times now in camp that he wants to see more creation out of Hunter because he believes in Hunter’s passing abilities.


“One of his development areas will be using the basketball and playing in pick-and-roll and facilitating,” Pierce said. “I think he’s used to one or two dribbles and then getting rid of the basketball, but I think he has more to offer. That’s just something over time that he’s going to grow in. In catch-and-shoot, he’s pretty good. Guys are closing out on him, and he’s able to put the ball on the floor and make plays. He was great in his rhythm 3s, make or miss, he looked good doing them.”


It’s only one preseason game, but with Hunter coming out of Virginia, there were some across the league who thought he would be nothing more than someone who could knock down some 3s off the catch and post up smaller wings, but that was not what he showed on Monday. And if that’s the case, this Hunter pick could turn out better than what we anticipated because his defense, for a rookie, was quite good. He did pick up two fouls in the first quarter and missed some rotations, but that’s to be expected. What he did show was that he is able to keep players in front of him and force difficult shots.


“After that, I thought he played a beautiful game,” Pierce said. “He was in rhythm on his jump shots. He was efficient moving. It was good to see that. I didn’t know what to expect of him after that first stint, but I thought he came in and was very efficient.”


Reddish noted that the spacing he now has to operate with the Hawks as compared to Duke is more open, and he feels more comfortable to make more plays. He finished 4-of-7 from the field and made 3-of-4 3-point attempts.


Reddish entered the game in place of DeAndre’ Bembry at shooting guard. Where Reddish actually plays long-term is still to be determined, and just how much we can expect to see of him in this kind of playmaking role is still unknown.


“We’ll figure out what he can do just by watching him,” Pierce said. “I think one of the things we saw is we can get him in rhythm with some kick-outs, and eventually we’ll see him get downhill. I think he had a couple of nice drives downhill. It didn’t result in much, but he was able to get downhill. I don’t know how we’ll do it. I don’t know if it’s him initiating or playing on the second side. We’ll have to learn how he is initiating the offense, at some point.”




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