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Please relieve the HC of all duties


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I was ready to see Quinn go after last year. Now I believe it's bigger than just him. We need a whole change in philosophy on defense.

1. Our defensive players are simply too small to compete and are constantly ran over. We need larger more physical linebackers. 

2. We have 1 starting cornerback.

3. We need a punter and kicker. Matt's true range is only around 45 yards now and Boshers replacement after he went on IR should not have access to a Falcons uniform after his flight home.

4. Kickoff return needs to stand on the 10 yard line. If it goes over his head he should trot back to the sideline. I'm sick of crap starting field position because he decided to run out of the end zone or stupid holding/ block in the back penalties.

5. We need to develop a half decent offensive line because at this point they're garbage. They can't even run block, which is much easier than pass blocking.



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2 minutes ago, Roanoke Falcon said:

Actually, this is the best argument for firing him now. That way we can interview candidates any time we choose unless they are under contract to another NFL team.

Good point, I didn't know that. I also don't want a new coach to take over and try to "salvage the season". We might as well keep losing and provide the new HC with high draft picks.

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And replace him with whom on this staff?.. the guy who kept calling wildcat plays with the team down 2 touchdowns? maybe the defensive backs coach?..now there's a well coached unit. The season is lost. Let Quinn ride it out and clean house after the season. And by that I mean TD as well. We've given all this money to ageing players who no longer can deliver. Trade or release Ryan, Julio, Mack, Trufant and of course Beasley. A complete rebuild. With our top 5 pick we should be able to snag a quarterback.

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