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This board likes nick-names, how about these?

The O.D.B

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2 Down Dirk - Every first down play is a joke, we might as well not even have a 1st down. Everything else seems to be an attempt to make sure we see 3rd down. I'd love to see stats on how many 3rd downs we've seen this season. Shanny strives to be in 2nd and short to stress the defense and Dirk strives to setup 3rd and medium. 

Oliver the revolver - dude is always rotating the the wrong guy in Zone. Oh but he can stop Fuller at the goal line... Thank God, he might have had 7 TDs on us today. Maybe you shouldn't let him get to the goal line. I would take an Injured Rock on IR over Oliver. At least Rock might come back at some point.

(Secondary) Hope sinks - The rest of the D can get us in a favorable situation, 3rd and long, and it's automatic for the other team.

Quinn - I can't because I believe in the guy but WTF. This feels very much like Smitty's end.


Go ahead and add your own.



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