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The Texans punted ONCE!!!!!!

Sun Tzu 7

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2 minutes ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:

When you make a team only punt once that’s abysmal.

To do it TWICE in 3 games is historically bad.

Quinn needs to seriously stop calling the D.

This was a historically bad day for the Falcons D.  Numerous records broken by both Texans and Falcons...

I punted a lot of strings and I’m at the house 

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That’s about what we average per game. Congratulations Q you got yourself fired. This your D. You wanted it. You got it. They suck period. If we could get a few punts we might win a game or two. But nah every QB goes 90% against this crap D. It’s either Q or Oliver lol

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Let's put this into context.

Do you know how many times the 2018 Falcons had a team score on them on EVERY drive but 1?  ZERO  This defense has had it happen twice in the 1st game.

The 2016 Falcon offense.  How many games did it score on every possession except for one?  Exactly ONE game. 

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