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*** Official Falcons Vs Texans In-Game Thread ***

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Great call Dirk!    Beautiful execution.

“Obviously we didn’t get the outcome that we wanted but we still have some tough-@$$ competitors in that lockeroom and we’re gonna be right back at it tomorrow to get it corrected so we can play to ou

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2 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

He’s not making the egregious calls like I’ve seen but like Tiki’s brother said, this defense has no identity. Why he keeps rolling with those 3-4 looks when they ain’t working is a complete mystery.

And then keeping Beasley on the field when we’ve got actual linebackers sitting on the bench...

I agree with that much. This defense does lack identity. It feels like scrambling. No confidence.

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1 minute ago, UGABOZ said:

Stadium or not falcons suck 

Never said they didn't nor will disagree with you on it because you are right.  All im doing is defending having a quality top tier stadium for the best sports team the city of Atlanta has ever had.  In what is probably the most wide known and biggest sport in the world.   This coming from someone who isn't even a massive soccer fan but i know how big that game is and im starting to enjoy it alot more now that i got a team to follow in it.

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