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*** Official Falcons Vs Texans In-Game Thread ***

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Great call Dirk!    Beautiful execution.

“Obviously we didn’t get the outcome that we wanted but we still have some tough-@$$ competitors in that lockeroom and we’re gonna be right back at it tomorrow to get it corrected so we can play to ou

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17 minutes ago, SoCalFalconFan said:

This team has thrown in the towel, man. It’s so obvious they’re going through the motions. Very little fire is there. We’ve seen this so many times as fans of this team. Time to stick a fork in this season. 

I don’t remember seeing the Falcons completely give up like this! Even in past bad years they seemed to have some fight in them! This team has literally just checked out! That’s got to go directly to Quinn! 


We have seen bad seasons before that had more entertainment than the product this year! 

Even the year Vick broke his leg in pre season and the team ended up with Joey Harrington at QB had more Life in them then this lame, boring squad!!

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2 minutes ago, TheFatboi said:

**** this team. I’m on the dump Quinn train now. He wrecked the team by not hiring LaFluer to run kyles system. He promoted himself to DC but he changes the system with Bob Sutton’s 3-4 concepts. It’s all him. I’ve told you guys forever you can’t keep changing coordinators and now we see why for sure. Only problem is fans and AB don’t have the time to wait on the team to learn these changes anymore seasons. And the problem with that is once Quinn is fired there will he YET another change and the team will have to learn another system. The bad teams in the nfl change coaches too much. The good teams promote from within. It’s over for Quinn. 



Dang, never seen you like this man.


Now I know Quinn is done lol

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Quinn hiring ex fired coaches sealed his fate. Hes not a great DC, hes getting beat over and over by the same concepts with no adjustment and lives and dies by draft picks even after years of shown regression or no progress like VB44 or Oliver.


Weve used bargain bin dline and oline acquisitions and busted previous first rounders that dont fit any given scheme just big and slow.

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