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*** Official Falcons Vs Texans In-Game Thread ***


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**** this team. I’m on the dump Quinn train now. He wrecked the team by not hiring LaFluer to run kyles system. He promoted himself to DC but he changes the system with Bob Sutton’s 3-4 concepts. It’s all him. I’ve told you guys forever you can’t keep changing coordinators and now we see why for sure. Only problem is fans and AB don’t have the time to wait on the team to learn these changes anymore seasons. And the problem with that is once Quinn is fired there will he YET another change and the team will have to learn another system. The bad teams in the nfl change coaches too much. The good teams promote from within. It’s over for Quinn. 


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4 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

I would love to play against this D...that's what opposing teams are saying

Do not watch....

'Only pain will you find there."


Top pick

It should not be traded

Chase Young or Derrick Brown....


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1 minute ago, thanat0s said:

Julio has never been able to cut quickly in tight spaces, hence his inability to score when we are close in at the goal. As he’s now getting older, it’s becoming an even bigger issue. 

Should've traded him before the season, but now he’s got $60 million in cap space on a 1-3 win team. If they’re smart, they’ll find a patsy at the deadline to take him off our hands. 

Wow...are you serious?!? Lol I have nothing to say to this foolery 

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2 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

Can’t play zone, but we make up for it by not being able to play man either.


I'm actually okay with a lot of Quinn's gameplan today. It's blown coverages. That goes on him, but this defense just isn't that talented. They aren't going to beat the guy across from them. They lack confidence and identity, and at this point they just don't look very talented.

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