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*** Official Falcons Vs Texans In-Game Thread ***


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3 minutes ago, NCFalconfan said:

Not much that can be done about it, but Blank is a problem too. Who with two functioning eyes couldn't see that Quinn had zero to do with our SB run? Rode the coat tails of 5 HOF defenders in SEA, rode the coat tails of a legendary offense in 2016 here. 

He sort was a "Trend-chaser"...

He wanted "The Legion of Boom" like The Seahawks..

The Seahawks surpassed them...So, they went "shopping".  

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1 minute ago, Mescalito said:

Whoever ends up getting Tua is lucky.  I'm gonna be so jealous.  I would love to be able to draft him and somehow get Lincoln Riley and just start over.  It would be so exciting.  This team is just boring as **** and the window has closed.  I don't even really feel like watching the rest of this game because even if we do win(which we probably won't) I know it doesn't matter because we aren't going ANYWHERE this year.  That is apparent.  I hate to sound so negative, but that's just reality as I see it.

Watch Tua end up on the Dolphins with their pitiful defense, pitiful OL, and pitiful receiving/rushing corps and suddenly look nowhere near as good as he does at Alabama.

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