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*** Official Falcons Vs Texans In-Game Thread ***

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Great call Dirk!    Beautiful execution.

“Obviously we didn’t get the outcome that we wanted but we still have some tough-@$$ competitors in that lockeroom and we’re gonna be right back at it tomorrow to get it corrected so we can play to ou

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Just now, Mescalito said:

I'm afraid our window has slammed shut with this team.  I'm ready for new blood across the board.  This team just looks listless, soft and old.

Don't have to cut that deep in today's NFL.  Can go from bad to contender (or vice versa) in just a season.

Just can't get attached to guys like Beasley.

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2 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Honestly, 2017 had a D we could’ve won SB with but offense went terrible.

Problem is D has been MIA last 2 years since...

As I said earlier, they ditched Poe, who literally was the missing piece in the middle of the defense, and replaced him with a guy who hasn’t even been active this year. 

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2 minutes ago, Herr Beast said:

The front 7 is completely healthy (even backups) but can‘t rush the QB and can‘t stop the run. Either they are the most worthless but overpaid bunch in football or the guy running the show is a clown.

They’ve filled the line with a bunch of mid tier players outside of Grady. It’s not too surprising the line isn’t that good.  

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1 minute ago, diehardfalconsfan said:

Like I said earlier this team has no chance or hope as long as he us here...I sure hope blank sees that and just cans him after today...why drag this out?

Not much that can be done about it, but Blank is a problem too. Who with two functioning eyes couldn't see that Quinn had zero to do with our SB run? Rode the coat tails of 5 HOF defenders in SEA, rode the coat tails of a legendary offense in 2016 here. 

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