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*** Official Falcons Vs Texans In-Game Thread ***

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Great call Dirk!    Beautiful execution.

“Obviously we didn’t get the outcome that we wanted but we still have some tough-@$$ competitors in that lockeroom and we’re gonna be right back at it tomorrow to get it corrected so we can play to ou

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22 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Right. So compared to Watson throwing to busted coverages and with a run game; Matt looks worse without those things?

You’re just a troll.

Maybe you can talk your hero Ryan into giving some of that money back so we can sign some decent players.. That 30 million a year dosnt look so good when you cant win a game 

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Just now, Ergo Proxy said:

Lol you guys actually are mental if you believe that.

He was making plays outside the pocket and hits 3 TDs.

why wasn’t the game close?

Try defense allowing most points in a game since 2004 and 2nd most YARDS ever allowed in FRANCHISE HISTORY.

But we must have a QB problem!

I guess you believe we pay Ryan 50 million a year he'll stary winning games for us? Dosnt work that way

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Ok, if you're Arthur Blank, you have no choice but to pull the trigger on Quinn. Houston, only scored 10 punts on Carolina and your defense gave up nearly half-a-hundred to them (not counting the pick-6 at the end).

He said he would take over the defense and fix, and instead, he's made it way worse and he looks like he's getting played for a fool by the opposing OC every game. 

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