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“May I have your attention please, will the real Atlanta Falcons please stand up?”


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Us Falcon fans have dealt with 4 weeks of inconsistent football.

We’ve dealt with an entire off-season of watching the front office scramble around to get deals done, locking in our most important players.

We’ve dealt with days of players and coaches pointing fingers trying to figure out what’s going on.

Now it is time for us to shut up and let this team, this organization answer the question of who the real Atlanta Falcons are, because from reading the boards everyday, I don’t think any one in this motherf***er knows.

I don’t even mean that as a slight; We are genuinely confused as to who the Falcons are after an entire off-season of promise.

Now, we know what some fans want to believe; This team from top to bottom, outside of Julio, Deion, and Jarrett is straight garbage. I’ve been defending this squad the entire season and my good friend (who happens to operations manager at my company and season ticket holder) basically said “Shut up, no more talking for them, they need to talk for us”.

She is right. My optimism has been subsided for the rest of this season.

Everyone in here knows that this team hasn’t played a complete game of football in 3 years. As fans? What the **** are we supposed to do with that? We have been waiting 3 lonnngg years to see this team perform with peak promise.

It needs to... Wait, you know what? No...It BETTER happen this Sunday or this season will be pretty much over. 

I just purchase a Matt Ryan jersey not long ago and wore it to work every Friday, expect this past one. Falcons need to show me they’re worthy of support on THAT level.

So, one more time, will the REAL Atlanta Falcons please stand up!?!?!


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1 hour ago, high impact said:

Kind of sets the tone in preseason when you ramp up the team for the up coming season.

Instead The Falcons mentality is its a long season will work at getting better as the year progresses. No need to try hard all year. 

The lax and lazy pre season routines need to end. Every player needs to be at every team activity and potential starters need to play much more in pre season.

We had 5 games this year to prepare and we looked worse than anyone to start the season off.

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