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Not going to jump to conclusions, but Katee seems very unhappy

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3 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Not sure you're watching the same thing. Most of the TDs we've allowed the last few weeks have been in man coverage. Often accompanied by a 5 man rush, too. Our DBs are just getting whooped.

From the Titans game I think the first 2 were. The second was just a perfect throw from Mariota though. Not much you can do there either way.

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45 minutes ago, Drvillain said:

Julio, Takk sarcasm, and now kazee. I bet many falcon players are feeling pretty negative towards the fan base right now.




This season I have some negative feelings towards the play of the team and the entire organization. 

There is no excuse for the team being so unprepared. 

Im paying for a product, and I was promised a competitive product by AB and company.

This team is currently not competitive.

Going on 5 years with Quinn and the promised are empty. 

Ive paid over 21k in PSLs and tickets since the Stadium opened. I feel like that gives me the right and the duty to make my feeling known to the organization. 

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3 minutes ago, NWFALCON said:

I agree that people shouldn’t be azzhats to people they don’t know but Kazee amongst a bunch of other players hyped themselves up. Kazee was saying he’s bored with safety and wanted to go back to CB. Well he sure as hail ain’t bored no more. 

When did he say that exactly? 

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